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Antique?Vintage and Modern?Brass Restoration of Door Hardware,?Fire Fenders and Irons, Lighting Fixtures, Household Items, Chandeliers , Boat parts, portholes, car parts, motorbike polishing, and all Brass Copper?and metal items ,

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After cleaning, polishing, buffing and finishing we coat it with?a clear water-white lacquer with excellent clarity. This prevents attack and tarnishing by?atmospheric oxygen and everyday pollutants.

The clarity and excellent optical properties of the lacquer ensures that the original appearance of the substrate is preserved.



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1. Your brass item restoration begins with a thorough cleaning. All existing lacquer and coatings are completely removed.


2. After the thorough cleaning it is then completely disassembled and visually inspected for blemishes and defects.


3. Every component is then hand or power buffed. Specially formulated buffing compounds are used to produce a brilliant finish. We use buffing compounds that are optimized for brass finishing that can provide a bright or antiqued finish.


4. Once the individual components are polishing the item is reassembled.


5. After reassembly, it is hand polished with a specially treated polishing cloth to a showroom shine.


6. The fully assembled item is then lacquered to preserve the polished finish.


How are you going to prevent or remove oxidization? Antiques need to be restored and preserved. The aim is to maintain the original or factory delivered condition. Therefore, where applicable they need to be polished carefully, then protected by a museum quality wax and placed into a clean environment, where they will not be handled.

Over-polishing is another matter altogether. A little grime should always be left in the crackes to show antiquity and allow for accurate dating. Always use the finest metal polish possible when dealing with antiques, and where cleaning is sufficient, that is all that needs to be done. If you have an old piece of sterling silver, or brass that is blackened with age and tarnished, I can guarantee that not too many people will be interested in it. Polish it with a quality metal polish and finish it with a good wax. It will sell.

Simple as that. I do it with silver and brass all the time. Especially brass. If a piece is going to be restored to its original condition, there can be nothing wrong with that. To make it even brighter than new, in the case of most ornaments will only increase its saleability. Because you are adding to its beauty.

Of course there are items that should never be polished. Old tools in particular, normally do better in a used condition and so are not generally restored. Black Pewter is not normally restored. But with copper, leave it to go green and slowly it will erode away. Polish it, wax it, and it will last forever.